Crack Growth Modeling

In order to predict the crack growth life using industry codes such as NASGRO*, DARWIN*, or AFGROW*, an adequate data set must be evaluated and fit to a crack growth model, to create a model file compatible with the software intended for use.  Depending on the nature of the application, a statistical validation may also be required. Historically, this has required an unusual skill set typically limited to major aerospace and nuclear engineering companies.  In addition to serving these industries, we look forward to making this capability accessible to a wider range of applications by providing it as an outsource service.  Depending on your needs, we may be able to find source data in available databases, or use your own proprietary data.Our crack growth modeling capabilities are among the best in the industry.  Unique to FractureLab is an outstanding enhancement to the NASGRO equation that we call the Perturbed NASGRO (PN) model.  It adds flexibility to the ordinarily straight line in region II.  Check it out here.  We support the closure-based Stress Level Sensitivity model option available in DARWIN (v7.1 or later), and offer unique methods of modeling Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue (TMF) crack growth, material anisotropy, and mixed-mode, non-proportional loading scenarios.*NASGRO and DARWIN are registered trade names of Southwest Research Institute, AFGROW is maintained by Lextech, Inc.©2018 FractureLab, LLC


   Sample Crack Growth Model Documentation (7175-T74 Forging)